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Are we prepared? AI expertise in interim management

The business platform LinkedIn published the “Future of Work Report” a few weeks ago. New data collected by LinkedIn is based on more than 950 million professionals worldwide.

The published report shows “how AI is shaping the world of work and how professionals and companies are adapting to this emerging technology.”

2 key insights can be found in the report:

1. “The intersection of AI and the world of work: Not only are job postings increasing, but LinkedIn data shows more members around the globe adding AI skills to their profiles than ever before. Learn what’s top of mind for business leaders and members from conversations on LinkedIn, job postings and profiles where AI is most prevalent, and delve into the dissemination of AI talent across geographies and industries over time.”

2. “The state of play of generative AI (GAI) in the workforce: GAI technologies, such as ChatGPT, are poised to change the way we work. We look at the sentiment of executives and people related to AI powered technologies, and what it means for the workforce.”

The following question is: are we prepared for AI in the interim management industry? What are the influences on markets, business models, leadership, required skill sets, tools and use cases?

Fact is, if you believe the LinkedIn study, today Germany is lagging behind. And right at the back.

We have to learn to see the opportunities in order to maintain and further develop what we have achieved. And interim managers should have the entrepreneurial foresight to be prepared.

What is your opinion? Are you in preparation?

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Link to the report Future of Work Report: AI at Work

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