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The Backbone of the interim markets in Europe?

Specialized and professional interim management providers.

The International Network of Interim Manager Associations (INIMA) recently published the 2024 report on the interim management markets in Europe.

The numbers are exciting and provide a good overview: “Data was collected from 850 practicing Interim Managers in eleven countries, practicing professionals who could give an objective view of their last assignment and the state of the profession.”

The most important take-outs from the study:

⏩ “Throughout Europe, the main sales channels remained the personal network and personal marketing (47%) and the interim providers (32%). (…) The digital marketplace has not been taken off, social media and digital platforms were still minor players In the game. Indeed, European IM clients preferred the professional service of providers or the personal relationships of interim managers.”

⏩ In developed markets like Germany or France, the proportion of interim managers placed through providers in 2023 was particularly high. The relative proportion of projects was 42% (for Germany) and 41% (for France).

Professional interim providers create added value.

What is your experience?


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