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The driving force – Reasons why we need Entrepreneurship now more than ever

Are we living in an entrepreneurial society? Are you personally open for innovation and new business models? Does founding a StartUp foster the perception of being a reliable person?
Perfect. If yes, reading this article might be of interest for you.
The online magazine Entrepreneur published an article by Kartik Jobanputra making the point that „Entrepreneurship is the foundation of invention, job creation and wealth generation. Successful entrepreneurs are the driving force behind new diligence, products and services that profit society in numerous ways.“
Some selected reasons from the article:
1️⃣ They are innovation catalysts
2️⃣ Job creation
3️⃣ Economic growth
4️⃣ Market expansion and trade enhancement
5️⃣ Technological advancements and digital transformation
6️⃣ Social impact
7️⃣ Healthy Competition
In conclusion: „Wntrepreneurship comes with challenges, demanding significant resources such as capital, expertise and time. Many entrepreneurs grapple with entry barriers like insufficient funding, regulatory complexities and market saturation. Nevertheless, entrepreneurship emerges as a potent engine of growth and innovation for those who navigate these challenges, driving economic prosperity and enhancing lives.“
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Entrepreneurs. The driving force