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Outstanding women in interim management – a market with a big gender backlog

A few days ago, economist Claudia Goldin won The Nobel Prize in Economics. Her topic: the role of women in the world of work, gender differences and pay gaps. One result of her research work is the finding that an increasing proportion of women in the labor market hardly reduces the income differences compared to men.

In the interim management market women are – unfortunately! – severely underrepresented. Only around 20% of all interim managers in the German-speaking market are female. BUT: Female interim managers are in above-average demand, above-average successful and are in no way inferior to men in terms of daily rates. Gender does not seem to me, from a practical perspective, to be a critical criterion in candidate decisions in interim management.

So there is light and shadow.

As an interim management provider, we would definitely like to see an increasing proportion of women. The flexible form of interim management can be an attractive working model, especially for well-trained, experienced female leaders. But in the 50+ generation, female leaders and managers are rare in general. This applies to permanent positions as well as in the interim management market.

By the way, did you know that women have also long been established in the role of high-altitude mountain guides? A prominent example is Lhakpa Sherpa. She is the female world record holder for climbing Mount Everest 10 times. Previously the only woman with nine Everest summits, she has topped her own record in 2022.

In an interview, Lhakpa Sherpa described a learning from many years of extreme mountaineering: “I told my daughters not to compare themselves to other people. All that matters is to follow what’s in your heart. It’s important to be your own leader.” So true.

What do you think about the gender gap in interim management?

INTERIM-SHERPAS. We bring you there.

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